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Седов Виктор
Victor Sedov
Co-Founder, G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit
SPIEF 2019
The Challenges and Prospects of Youth Entrepreneurship
This is not just Russia’s problem – it is a global one: it is a big gap between the skills that people obtain through education and the ones that the market really needs. For the last decade, this topic has been discussed by the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance. <…> One of the recommendations is to make sure that students of all majors received specific practical entrepreneurial skills during their training. It does not mean everyone should become an entrepreneur, but they should have the skills for it
SPIEF 2018
Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship in the G20 Countries
The youth entrepreneurial 20 <…> unites more than 500 thousand entrepreneurs in 20 countries. The recommendations developed by the young entrepreneurs of the G20 countries make their way to final decision makers of the G20. Implementation of these recommendations is being closely monitored. There is a compliance mechanism, that is, the countries fulfil the obligations they take upon themselves,
SPIEF 2018
Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship in the G20 Countries
Youth unemployment rate is very high. If you are under 25, the probability of you being put out of a job increases threefold. Entrepreneurship and its development is an excellent way to create employment. A special study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows: 20% of young entrepreneurs interviewed claim that they will hire at least 20 employees in the next five year; 9% – about 50 employees. This is what development of youth entrepreneurship does,