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Савенко Антон

Anton Savenko

Founder, Sam Sebe Velosiped
In 2008 he graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University, construction institute majoring in heating, ventilation and air condition of building.

He has been creating and developing a bicycle rental network in Vladivostok (more than 300 units of equipment) since 2012. Within its framework, he creates events for the promotion of cycling and the development of bicycle infrastructure in the city of Vladivostok, some of significant:

- organization of city festivals “VeloMir” aimed to popularize cycling and development of bicycle infrastructure together with youth policy department of the city of Vladivostok (more than 1000 participants) in 2014-2019;

- organization of sports competitions in downhill cycling in the shopping center «Down Mall Vladivostok 2017» and downhill cycling at the streets of city «UrbanDH Vladivostok 2018»;

- organization of the annual bicycle race “Bike Campus Race” with the support of the Sports Department of the Vladivostok City Administration and the Far Eastern Federal University in 2014-2017;

In 2019 with his participation a team of the Decision.City project was formed, whose work is aimed at creating a request from residents for a comfortable and safe urban environment.

He is got the status of the best young entrepreneur in the tourism industry in 2013 according to the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Russia.

He received a grand prix at the national award Russian Event Awards 2014 in the nomination "The best project in the field of sports development" in the Far Eastern and Siberian districts.

He was awarded with the «Youth Vector» badge for his contribution to the development of youth policy in Vladivostok in 2014 and award "You have something" in the field of the development of physical culture and sports in Vladivostok in 2014 and 2017.

He is winner of the city grant-competition "Youth Initiative" in 2013, 2015, 2017.

He has been a member of the public council on physical education and sports at the administration of the city of Vladivostok since 2019.