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Tatyana Savchenko

Tatyana Savchenko

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Magadan Region
Tatyana Savchenko was born on 4 July in 1968 in Chita. She graduated from the Magadan State Pedagogical Institute specializing in Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education.

She started her career as a teacher in Yagodninsky region of Magadan oblast in 1989. From 1998 to 2017, she worked in North-Eastern State University (Magadan). Working as a teacher, deputy head of Directorate on curriculum and methodology, advisor to the rector of North-Eastern State University she supervised the following innovation projects: rating system of student progress evaluation, introduction of Unified State Examination, student testing, etc. In 2010, Tatyana Savchenko secured the approval of the university administration and initiated the creation of the Department of Social Pedagogics. Opening of the department and subsequently a Master’s Programme contributed to the development of human resources potential in Magadan and Magadanskaya oblast. From 2014 to 2017, she worked as the Dean of the Department of Pedagogics. Since 3 April 2017, she was appointed Rector of Magadan regional state autonomous school of supplementary vocational education “Institute of further education and advanced training for teaching staff”. Since 4 December 2017, she was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Government of Magadanskaya oblast.

Tatyana defines priorities in the development of education, science, culture, health care, physical fitness, sport and tourism. She organizes and coordinates events on implementing national policy in the sphere of education, health care, culture, sport, youth policy, services to the population. She implements and coordinates the issues of creating conditions for healthy life style and providing welfare beneficiaries with medication. She organizes work on implementing priority programmes in the sphere of demographic policy, health care in the region as well as creating programmes on modernization of regional pre-school education system. She controls implementation of federal and regional state programmes in Magadanskaya oblast within the sphere of her expertise and provides for relevant interaction between federal and regional executive authorities. She coordinates demographic policy issues. She provides for implementation of state policy on youth issues, patriotic upbringing, and promotion of the institute of family, defence of rights of under-age people, orphans and legally free children, as well as legally free persons with orphanage background.

Academic degrees and achievements: PhD in Pedagogics, over 90 publications including 8 monographs and textbooks, participation in international conferences, seminars, and workshops.