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Савченко Евгений

Yevgeny Savchenko

Governor of Belgorod Region
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Best Practices for Socioeconomic Development: Integrated Solutions for the Regions and Cities
The federal centre must provide a sense of direction, while the regions handle concrete practices and the transformation matrix. Aside from best practices, we have to facilitate the formation of creative human capital, people capable of participating in implementing best practices in each region
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Exporting Agricultural Output: The Regional Agenda
One of the problems is the general epizootic situation. There is the issue with the African swine fever virus and other quarantine diseases. In this instance, regionalization must be the correct procedure to take, so that when a disease is found somewhere in Khabarovsk, exports from, say, Kaliningrad, are not stopped. What happens at present is that the entire country usually gets affected. As a unique power stretching across a vast territory, we are justified in applying the principle of regionalization, whereby disease-free areas are identified and allowed to export. This will significantly lower the potential risks borne by exporters of livestock products and poultry, and will save public expenditure on compensation