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Don Hugo Salinas Price

Don Hugo Salinas Price

President, Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver
Don Hugo Salinas Price is a Mexican business magnate, investor, founder of Elektra Corporation (Grupo Salinas) and Azteca Bank. The owner of the second largest gold mine and silver mines in the state of Durango (Mexico). Today Grupo Salinas ( is a group of dynamic, fast growing and technologically advanced companies: TV Azteca (media), Group Elektra, BANCO Azteca (bank), Azteca Segura, Aforex Azteca, Italica, Punto Casa de Bolsa, Azteca network, Totalplay, etc.

Don Hugo is the author of several books about the advantage of silver money (in English and Spanish), articles on economics and politics. In 1996 created the Mexican Silver Civil Association "Pro Silver". Now is the President of this association. Holds academic degrees in economics and law.

In 2002-2012, the association "Pro Silver” lobbied in the Congress of Mexico a law project on the introduction of a silver coin, which could be used by the citizens as a means of payment in parallel with the peso - the current national currency. This proposal was widely supported by public opinion and lawmakers from all political parties, both right and left, during the three convocations of the General Congress of Mexico. Several times the project was close to approval and in 2018 the Congress of Mexico might take this decision.

In May 2014, sent a large message to the President of Russia V. Putin in which Don Hugo expressed support for the President’s steps at the international arena.

In May 24 2017, Don Hugo became an Honorary Professor of the North-West Institute of Management - branch of RANEPA.

Also in the earliest 90's he moved away from active business activity and put forward his son Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who today is chairman of the conglomerate of companies Grupo Salinas (Elektra), which includes banking, retail and TV Azteca.