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Садченков Михаил

Mikhail Sadchenkov

General Director, National Brand «Made in Russia»
Branding, marketing and external communications expert. CEO of Natsionalniy Brand Agency, operator of the national brand Sdelano v Rossii – Made in Russia. Concept creator, Made in Russia brand. Between 2007 and 2012 worked as an independent consultant for Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federation Council, political parties and strategic enterprises.
In 2012 founded and became CEO of Natsionalniy Brand – an agency that aims to create and promote a national brand Sdelano v Rossii – Made in Russia. In 2015 Sdelano v Rossii has been introduced at the Milan Expo with participation of First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov. In 2015 became an invited expert for an international branding textbook Nation Brand where he published an article about Sdelano V Rossii brand. Awards: in 2009 and 2010 received an honorary diploma for valuable assistance from the chairman of the Federation Council.