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Igor Rybakov

Igor Rybakov

Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Rybakov Foundation

Igor Rybakov is the Russian entrepreneur, a venture investor and philanthropist, member of Russian richest people list according to Forbes magazine with estimated net worth $ 1.20 billion in 2018. Co-owner of TechnoNICOL corporation, which is currently included in the top 200 largest private companies in Russia according to RBC media. Co-founder of The International Venture Fund Larix and The International Business Integrator Prytek.

In December 2015, Igor Rybakov together with his wife Catherine have started charity foundation «Rybakov Fond». In 2016, the «Rybakov Fond» was entered the top 9 private charitable Russian foundations according to the magazine «Ogonyok». In 2017, Igor has founded the Legacy Endowment Foundation, an International organization to develop personalized solutions for philanthropic projects launch and implementation. Igor is the founder of two International Business communities R2 and «Equium», chairman of the General Council Office of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization.