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Jim  Rogers

Jim Rogers

Chairman, Beeland Interests Inc.
SPIEF 2018
One in a Million: In Search of Russian ‘Unicorns’
Americans do not like Russia nowadays: sanctions and many other bad news, but, maybe this is an advantage because there’s no need to compete with Americans, Japanese and many others. For entrepreneurs this lack of competition is a great opportunity
SPIEF 2018
The Russian Capital Market on the Threshold of a New Era
I would call on all of you: if you do not have an investment account in Russia, find someone who will help do this, open an account. You need to call brokers and say that this is, perhaps, one of the most attractive markets in the world, including the bond market. Call your broker, and it's possible that you will get rich really soon
SPIEF 2018
Turning Back the Clock: Political Rivalry vs Economic Interaction
The U.S. dollar has owned the world for many years. Now, because of the actions of the United States, we have pretty much shot ourselves in the leg. China, Russia, and Iran are now offering currencies that compete with the dollar. The emergence of new institutions of power and new currencies is something that we will be encountering in the coming years