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Arto  Räty

Arto Räty

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Fortum Corporation.
SPIEF 2019
The Transformation of Russia’s Construction, Housing and Utilities Industry
Russia took a great step, when it opened up its energy market, which was a tremendous success. I believe we need to do something of this kind in heat supply. It will attract investment in this segment. In addition to financial incentives, investors need long-term transparency and clarity, i.e. clear market rules. Investors do not invest, if the market does not have any rules
International Arctic Forum 2019
Future Arctic: Sustainable Solutions
The technology and solutions are there. Now it is only a question of political will, political decisions, resourcing, and actions. In the Murmansk area, in cooperation with the government of Kovdor, the recommended solution would be to build a new biomass plant equipped with modern flue gas cleaning systems to reduce black carbon emissions
Russian Energy Week 2018
The Electric Power Industry: Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
We need comprehensive approach to cyber security. <...> Government and private sector must work hand in hand. This [issue] is where you can’t make it on your own
SPIEF 2018
Circular Economy: The Russian Model and Foreign Experience
For us, the question of how to collect and handle waste is goes beyond producing recyclable materials. For us, it is biogas. We have a lot of boilers that work on biogas