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Mikhail Remizov

Mikhail Remizov

President, National Strategy Institute
President of the National Strategy Institute
Chairman of the Presidium of the Expert Council under the Collegium of the Military-Industrial Commission
Member of the Expert Council under the Russian Government
Member of the Government Commission on Arctic Development Affairs
Member of the Board of the World Russian People’s Council
2010–2011: Director of the «Strategy 2020» Foundation for the Support of Civil Initiatives
2004–2005: Editor-in-Chief of Political News Agency (PNA)
2001–2003: Editor-in-Chief of the Political Division of Russian Journal
Expert and socio-political activities: national security and industrial policy in strategic sectors of the economy and the analysis of ethno-political risks and threats.
Scientific research and interests: history of political ideologies (conservatism and neo-conservatism), economic development theories, theory of state (sovereignty category research) and nationalism studies.
Author of the monography «Experience of Conservative Criticism» and more than 200 scientific and journalistic articles. Scientific editor and co-author of more than 40 analytical reports on national and international policy affairs.