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Раутио Арья

Arja Rautio

Vice-President Research at the University of the Arctic, University of Oulu
Arja Rautio, Vice-President of Research University of the Arctic, and Professor of Arctic Research in Thule Institute, University of Oulu, has been working in the field of circumpolar health and well-being, marginalization, research ethics and human-environment relationships since 2006. The main research projects at the moment are Nunataruyk and ECDMET in the Horizon2020 program and Development of think thank functions of the Northern Dimension Institute, Research Ethics in Sami and First Nations and One Arctic - One Health projects. Dr Rautio is acting as a national key expert in the Arctic Council - Human Health Expert groups of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme ( and Sustainable Development Working Group (co-chair of AHHEG). She is a board member of the International Union of Circumpolar Health and Chair of the Nordic Society of Circumpolar Health. Dr Rautio has published around 150 research papers.