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major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Пумпянский Дмитрий

Dmitriy Pumpyanskiy

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tube Metallurgical Company (TMK); Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sinara Group
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Fuel and Energy Sector: Creating the Conditions for Investment to Guarantee the Continuing Competitiveness of the Russian Economy
“The share of horizontal drilling in Russia went up from 27% to 40%. Thanks to that, pipeline manufacturers like us have performed technology overhaul. Over USD 12 billion in private investment has been drawn into the Russian pipe industry,”
Russian Energy Week 2018
Could Natural Gas Become a Popular Motor Fuel throughout the World?
Within two years we will deliver the first batch of gas-powered shunting locomotives. We have created a gas-turbine locomotive. It’s a unique turbine that is installed on a locomotive with enormous traction, carries a record number of trains, and has been operating in test mode on Sverdlovsk Railway for two years. The same machines can also be used in river transport
SPIEF 2018
Over the past ten years we modernized our enterprises, and we always used German equipment. We spent 500-600 million euros for that purpose
SPIEF 2018
We created from scratch the enterprise for production of rolling stock for the Russian railways. Revenue is one billion euros per year. We use German technology to change the face of the Russian railways. ‘Sapsan’, ‘Lastochka’ and heavy-duty locomotives ‘Granit’ and ‘Sinara’ are the examples of such cooperation