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Пресняков Валерий

Valery Presnyakov

Editor-in-Chief, Power and Industry of Russia Newspaper
Russian Energy Week 2018
Presentation of the Energy Efficiency Rating of Grid Companies
First of all, the Energy Efficiency Rating of Grid Companies demonstrates industry trends in reducing losses. It allows allows each person to compare their results with their industry colleagues. The very fact that comparison is possible makes this instrument very unique. However, it’s important to realize that these ratings can only have a direct effect on the work of a concrete power grid company if the heads of the enterprise, being, say, unhappy with their position in the ratings, hold a postmortem with specialists. And then they formulate a plan, that will, on the one hand, allow the enterprise to occupy a more attractive place in the ratings, and, on the other hand, save the enterprise money. In general, the rating is an instrument to stimulate companies to maximize their energy saving potential