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Поздышев Василий

Vasily Pozdyshev

Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia
Born in August 1971 in Gorkiy.

1994: graduated with honors from the Economics Faculty of the Moscow State University.

1995: graduated from Universite Paris-9 (France) with specialization in Financial Management.

2010: rest-graduate from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (Strasbourg, France).

Started banking career in 1995 as controller in Compagnie Bancaire Banking and Insurance Holding Company (PARIBAS Group) in Paris.

1997-1998: Head of Credit and Insurance Business Development Mission of PARIBAS SPECIALISED FINANCIAL SERVICES in Russia.

1999: Head of International Development of CETELEM SABANK, then worked as Director General of CETELEM BANK in Greece.

2005: Head of International Project Group ‘Banking Supervision and Reporting’ in the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

2006-2008: Executive Director of LBO/Private Equity Fund in Luxembourg.

Before appointment to the position of Director of Banking Regulation Department of the Bank of Russia (in 2012) served as Deputy Chairman of Moscow Bank of Sberbank, Head of Finance and Risk.

From 2014 — serves as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.

Speaks English, French and Greek.