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Natalya Popova

Natalya Popova

First Deputy General Director, Innopraktika
SPIEF 2019
How to Cheat Time: New Approaches in Preventive and Anti-ageing Medicine
Russia has the objective of reaching 80+, so we want to join the longevity club that will help people in Russia reach 80 and more. Moreover, this objective enjoys financial support: the healthcare project in Russia has 1.7 billion roubles of expenditures. Today’s life expectancy in Russia is 73 years – it has room for improvement. Its growth was predominantly driven by lower death rate, but now we are reaching life expectancy increase. We can basically say that by the end of 2020s we will join the 80+ longevity club
SPIEF 2019
Strategy for Integration of Science, Education, and Business
We are already working on this. At a more systematic level, with the support and on the initiative of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roscongress and Innopraktika, an expert group was created that brings together all those decisions and initiatives taken at different levels at different platforms, and based on this incoming flow of information, we can generate an overall picture of the situation. Now we have a more extensive vision of our education and training system
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Innovative Science and Technology Centres: What Should They Look Like?
ISTCs need to have four things: investors, innovators, industry, and researchers. If you have all of these components, they cross pollinate and you see a growing, synergetic effect