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Ilya  Polyakov

Ilya Polyakov

Chairman of the Management Board, ROSBANK
SPIEF 2019
Banking or Financial Ecosystem: Which Will Outlive the Other?
It is important for banks and ecosystems to build the customer experience and build on the client. The winner is the one who offers the most convenient, reliable service and is able to stand out somehow
SPIEF 2019
Banking or Financial Ecosystem: Which Will Outlive the Other?
Companies and banks can follow three possible development paths. The first is to do nothing, to wait and watch what is happening on the market and then try to use someone else's idea or technology that is already there. The second is to create global systems, where banks are trying to offer services around services not directly related or not related in any way at all to banking products. The third strategy is to build niche ecosystems that focus on specific zones or a bank’s strengths
EEF 2018
The National Project to Develop SMEs: What Will Be Done in the Far East?
According to our statistics, the number of export contracts from the Far East has increased by roughly 30% over the past year. In addition to lending, we are actively developing and supporting export-oriented companies using such working capital financing instruments as trade financing, international letters of credit, and international factoring. All these instruments enable companies that are entering new markets to develop more actively and cooperate with their partners in APR countries
SPIEF 2018
The Transformation of Public and Private Sectors in the New Economy
The IT budget of Societe Generale is about 4 billion dollars. Almost every sixth employee of our group is involved with IT and digitalization. <...> Speaking of ROSBANK: Deltacredit, our affiliated bank was one of the first in the market to put online mortgages into operation back in 2016. We plan to introduce consumer lending to our digital service this year