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Konstantin  Polunin

Konstantin Polunin

Partner, Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
SPIEF 2019
Partnership and knowledge-sharing: new sources to drive development
In these conditions [of limited resources, – Ed.], the way out is to utilize energy and ideas of our citizens and communities to find solutions and to create a sensor that would detect these ideas. Ideas and knowledge have been and will be a growth driver. <…> The value of ideas and knowledge grows as they are shared
SPIEF 2018
The Role of Creative Spaces in Today’s Business Environment
Today’s business environment is built upon creative components. It is not excavators, vacuum cleaners and speakers that are being sold any more, but services. Therefore, in order to work in this area in these new conditions, we need completely different skills and people. And one of the most important abilities today is the ability to learn, develop and be creative
SPIEF 2018
The Role of Creative Spaces in Today’s Business Environment
It’s important to create a context to change the way business is done, a context which will lead to the emergence of added value
SPIEF 2018
The Place for Traditional Players in the Digital Economy
Digitalization is an incentive for economic growth, linear or exponential. <...> Usually when we speak of digitalization, we mean the players of the digital economy: Facebook, Yandex, Google. Traditional players differ from them since they have real physical assets and real physical products; they can be players in the infrastructure, they can represent the state or regions and, most importantly, that they have scale and size, they have a traditional culture