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Natalia Pochinok

Natalia Pochinok

Rector, Russian State Social University
Rector of the Russian State Social University.
Born 04.07.1976
1997 — Graduates REA majoring in Finance and Credit
2002 — Graduates RGSU in Law
2005 — gets PhD in Economics
2014 — becomes a docent, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

1999 tax planning department chief specialist at Doveritelny I Investitsionny Bank
1999–2004 taxation manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers
2004–2005 vice-president, Gazprom Bank
2005–2006 Raiffaisen Bank Austria board advisor
2006–2010 diretor of the Kuban branch, Raiffaisen Bank
2010 — advisor to the CEO on regional development, Raiffaisen Bank
2010–2013 — Branches director at the central office of Sberbank of Russia
2013 — First Vice-President of Sberbank NPF
Civil Activity
Member of the Presidential Economic Council
Chairwoman of the State Duma Committee on managing retirement investment
Member of the Civil Chamber of the city of Moscow
Member of the board of RUIP
Member of the board of strategic development of Pochta Rossii
Chairwoman of the industry commission on business education at the Manager’s Association
Head of Expert Committee on professional education at Delovaya Rossiya
Member of the coordination council of UMO of Universities of Russia
First chairwoman of Sociology and Social Work committee