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Andrey Petrov

Andrey Petrov

President, International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA); Professor, University of Northern Iowa
Dr. Andrey N. Petrov is President of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) and Director of the ARCTICenter and Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Northern Iowa in the US. He also serves as Vice-Chair of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Social and Human Sciences Working Group, Head of the IASSA Delegation to the Arctic Council, and is Past Chair of the Polar Geography Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). His expertise is in economic geography and regional development in the Arctic, Arctic sustainability, indicators of well-being in Arctic communities, and impacts of resource development, benefit sharing, and the knowledge economy in remote regions. He leads U.S. flagship scientific cooperation initiatives in the Arctic social sciences, Arctic-FROST, and Arctic-COAST. Dr. Petrov is the lead author of the recent books ‘Arctic Sustainability Research: Past, Present and Future’ (Routledge, 2017) and ‘Arctic Sustainability: A Synthesis of Knowledge’ (forthcoming in 2019), and has been a lead contributor to the Arctic Human Development Report and Arctic Social Indicators.