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Печатников Анатолий

Anatoly Pechatnikov

Deputy President – Chairman of the Management Board, VTB Bank
SPIEF 2019
Partnerships Between the State and Society to Provide Social Guarantees
Today major federal structures cannot function without some social mission: it is requested by employees, by citizens, by the youth. Of course, when defining the purpose of an organization, we state it not only as making money and ensuring a dividend yield for our shareholders, but also as performing some social function, social mission; it is a challenge of our time
SPIEF 2018
How to Win the Trust of Tomorrow’s Consumer
If we talk about the type of new consumers, then, of course, they are defined by pronounced digital behaviour. These people, our future consumers, will look for services and products not only on the Internet, but on social networks, because the opinion of their friends, peers, colleagues is much more important to them than the advertisement that we post on the Internet. The banking sector is getting there, they get on social networks, into chats and actively follow the manner of behaviour that our youth, our new generation demonstrate today