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Francesco Pansardi

Francesco Pansardi

Vice President, Tedeschi Group
Francesco Pansardi is a partner at Tedeschi Group, a global leader in general contracting and interiors manufacturing across all specialties. He is Vice President of Tedeschi USA and Tedeschi Italy and President & CEO of Tedeschi Middle East. He is also the sole founder and principal of F.P.International Holding, an international advisory firm with focus on Commodities, Construction and Mining. Prior, Mr. Pansardi served as President & CEO of the lighting division of Cassina USA, a leader in the US lighting industry, where he drove the company's strategy, growth and overall operations. Mr. Pansardi had been Marketing Director of MSC (US, Switzerland), Senior Brand Manager at Henkel Cosmetics, Perfumery Division (Italy), Product Manager for Bags & Accessories at Bruno Magli (Italy), and a CPA at Macchiavelli CPA firm (Italy). Mr. Pansardi received his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, Columbia University, in New York City and his B.S. in Business Economics from the University of Parma in Italy. Mr. Pansardi lives in New York City and Abu Dhabi.