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Dmitriy Pankin

Dmitriy Pankin

President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
SPIEF 2019
Are We Witnessing a Paradigm Shift in the Global Economic Order?
We had a very efficient monetary system based on the US dollar, on institutions like the IMF, like the WTO, so everything was more or less clear, understandable, and efficient. But we have a built-in contradiction – that this system is based on trust in US dollars, and we have a very huge temptation from the government, from the institutions of the United States to use this system in order to have some internal political goals, economic goals. And now we see this situation. <…> Now it has become not efficient now using US dollar accounts
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Role of Financial Markets in the Investment Process
We won’t be able to ensure serious economic growth without looking for ways to attract external resources. One of the options for attracting foreign resources is to work with development banks. [...] This is very important for the Russian economy