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Ольховская Ирина

Irina Olkhovskaya

First Deputy General Director - Commercial Director, Port Management Company
Irina Olkhovskaya started work as First Deputy Director General — Commercial Director of «Port management company», Ltd. in 2016.
Work experience:
Since 2011 she has held senior positions in transport companies.
Since 2014 she has worked as Deputy Director for Prospective Development and Relations with Federal Bodies of «Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company» JSC.
Education and qualification:
1994 — 2000 Moscow State Engineering and Physics Institute (technical university). Qualification: engineer—physicist in «Electronics and automatics of physical facilities».
2006 — 2010 Russian State Trade and Economy University.
Qualification: economist in «Accounting, analysis and audit», Honours Degree.

Irina Olkhovskaya is a member of Consumer Council on issues relating to the activity of «RZD» JSC and its affiliated companies, a member of Advisory council under the government of the Russian Federation, Public Council of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, the active expert of Consumer Council concerning activity of FSUE «Rosmorport», the expert of RSPP Commission on Transportation and Transport Infrastructure.
She was awarded with the breastplate «70 years of Miner’s Day», the jubilee breastplate «180 years of Russian railways», the Medal of Peter Gubonin.