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Обиан Лима Габриэль Мбага
Gabriel Mbaga Obian Lima
Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Russian Energy Week 2018
Russia–Africa Energy Roundtable
Russia probably understands that what Africa needs is industrialization. We need raw materials, we need everything that is required for industrialization. Better sell your gas to us, not to the Europeans: you’ll get more money. We will use it not only for power generation, but for many other purposes as well. Africa has all the minerals that are exported to Japan, the United States, to all of those countries that previously exploited us
Russian Energy Week 2018
Ministerial Meeting "The Effectiveness of Energy Regulation: General Approaches and Divergence between Countries"
Africa needs liquefied natural gas not only for electricity, but for industrialization as well [...] LNG is an inexpensive resource that is cheaper than liquid crude oil. It is more eco-friendly and easier to distribute. If these small terminals are built in Africa, we can expect Africa to become a large market, including for Europeans