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Носков Константин
Konstantin Noskov
Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
SPIEF 2018
Betting on E-Commerce: The Winner Takes It All
Who will become a global player, at least in the country level, is still a big question. We have many players who claim this role. This is Sberbank with its huge number of customers, and Yandex with advanced information technologies, and Russian Post with a huge logistics network, which has a clear advantage. It could be commercial networks — offline traditional ones, which can move in this direction. For example, X5, Magnit. Each of them has its own separate advantages, they can become such a global player by creating an ecosystem
SPIEF 2018
Pitch Session for Startups: New Areas of Growth for Business and Government
It is extremely difficult for most start-ups to break through bureaucratic procedures and, I think primarily through corporate procedures