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Нисида Такао
Takao Nishida
Deputy Secretary General, Hokuto Social Medical Corporation
EEF 2018
Healthy Life Expectancy in the Russian Far East
In May 2013, we opened a centre in Khabarovsk. This year we opened a rehabilitation centre in Vladivostok […] We consider the issue of disease prevention to be a very important one. This is the basis for our treatment. We would like to bring the same means and methods of treatment to Vladivostok […] We also have a centre in Khabarovsk. The number of patients increases each year – there are already 8,000 people […] We want to make sure that our diagnostic centres are used by a large number of people in the Far East
EEF 2018
Five years ago we opened a diagnostic centre outside Vladivostok. Our efforts result in annual growth in the number of patients and improvement of local healthcare