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Nikolay Gulyaev

Nikolay Gulyaev

Head, Moscow City Department of Sport and Tourism
Born January 1, 1966 in Vologda.
1991: graduated from the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Education in speed skating training.
2003–2009: Coach, Russia’s national speed skating team.
2009–2011: Chief Coach, Russia’s national short track team.
2011–2012: Deputy Director, Executive Office, Yunost Moskvy State-Funded Physical Education Facility for Children, Moscow; Director of the National Teams Centre, Moscomsport; Deputy Director for Physical Education, Centre for Innovative Training, Moscomsport; Member of the Public Council of the Russian Federation.
2012–2016: First Deputy Director of the Moscow City Department of Sports and Physical Education
Since 2016: Director of the Moscow City Department of Sports and Tourism.
1988: Olympic Champion in speed skating (1,000 m)
1988: Medal of Honor for Labour Valor
2014: Certificate of Excellence in Physical Education
2014: Winner of Public Administrator and Manager Competition, Moscow
Honorary titles:
1987: Honorary Master of Sport of USSR
2015: Honorary Trainer
2016: Honorary Employee of Physical Education
Hobby: Sports
Favorite place in Moscow: Patriarch Ponds