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Нигматулина Карима

Karima Nigmatulina

General Director, Vi Holding
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Collaboration in Industry: Potential Areas of Growth
At present, Vi Holding, in collaboration with Afreximbank, the state-owned Giprotsvetmet company, and Russian Export Center, is developing a new platform, including on the sidelines of this Forum, which will become a major project to create a large-scale interstate platform for the implementation of mining projects in African countries. We are talking about developing an integrated system of collaboration between Russia and the African countries, pan-African financial institutions, and investors that are interested in doing so in order to create tools to fund geological exploration and prospecting that are to be carried out mainly by specialized Russian organizations. This also implies getting Russian business structures involved in the commercial development of deposits according to the priority list of resources and under state guarantees from African states
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Collaboration in Industry: Potential Areas of Growth
Our presence in Africa began more than ten years ago in 2008 with the acquisition of the bauxite mining company Sierra Mineral Holdings (SMHL). To date, production has exceeded 3 million tonnes, including 2 million tonnes of high-quality bauxite that is exported […]. Now we are pushing forward with the construction of a hydrated plant. The project involves the establishment of the first enterprise [in Sierra Leone] for the processing of non-metallurgical products with high added value. It will have capacity of 200,000 tonnes of aluminium hydrate per year
SPIEF 2019
Investing in Russia’s Future: How Can National Projects Become Attractive to Investors?
There are three factors of particular importance for national projects. The first factor is the provision of a turn-key project that is ready for investment. <...> The second is a team capable of implementing the project, and the third is large-scale and long-term investments from investors with a clear understanding and vision of the opportunities offered by the project