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Amr Nassar

Amr Nassar

Minister of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
New Forms of Cooperation between Russia and Africa: Opportunities for Special Economic Zones Based on the Project to Establish a Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt
Our main objective is to unlock our potential and that of Russian technologies using this amazing platform in Egypt. <…> We are talking about a combination of Russian high-tech production and the Egyptian platform, where we can see workforce and related industry sectors that are necessary for implementation of this product. As a result, we see a lot of potential
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Collaboration in Industry: Potential Areas of Growth
There are so many areas in which we can collaborate. Egypt currently needs a large number of buses. It also needs to develop the transport system because the existing roads are extremely congested right now, and, of course, Russia is one of the leading countries in this area, so there is no doubt that Russia’s experience will help us. We have everything we need for this. We also have natural gas reserves. This is another area in which Russia is one of the world leaders, so our Russian colleagues can certainly help us here