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Мутко Виталий
Vitaly Mutko
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
RIF 2019
Best Practices for Socioeconomic Development: Integrated Solutions for the Regions and Cities
From time to time we come up with something, we research, we have new teams join federal subjects... All of these tried and tested practices can be taken and immediately implemented. This year, 77 regions in the Russian Federation submitted over 700 projects to the competition. These are truly best practices, which have the support of local municipalities, federal subjects, but the most important thing is, that these are completed projects. They can then be collected and shared across Russia
RIF 2019
Regional Policy in the Context of Russia’s Spatial Development
The strategy highlighted 12 macro-regions, then each region got its definition. These are promising regions, these are geostrategic regions. But the main point is, the key goal in the coming years is to get rid of the differences in socio-economic development and living standards between different regions as soon as possible
RIF 2019
National Projects and the Regions: Key Questions at the Beginning of the Road
We agreed to stop regulating the regions’ authority from the top-down; we agreed that there will be no more decisions that are not tied to specific financing. If we are making decisions, we need to transfer a corresponding source of income
SPIEF 2018
Presentation of the Results of the Russian Regional Investment Climate Index
There is a number of problems: administrative barriers, excessive pressure on business, additional checks, and we have been talking about this for the last several years, just passing the problem around