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Морозов Сергей
Sergei Morozov
Governor of Ulyanovsk Region
SPIEF 2019
Government and Business in the Social Sector: Identifying New Sources of Growth
If we want to live in a country that is truly successful, then we need to understand that we have to pay it a greater deal of attention, even more so than to the economic and financial institutions
SPIEF 2019
Government and Business in the Social Sector: Identifying New Sources of Growth
One has to understand that the social sphere is not an industry to collect untainted profit. It would be great to talk to big business representatives to remind them that, for instance, in Europe big corporations invest in education, culture, or healthcare without a business component in mind. In other words, they do not extract profit, but rather do everything to develop human potential by creating a person who is culturally rich and well educated. It is uncommon for our big business. We are working on it and we want to make the year 2020 a year when big companies become responsible in this manner
RIF 2019
The Role of the Regions in Popularizing Entrepreneurship
One of the regional components of the national project will be funding educational initiatives, including strategic educational programmes for our businesspeople. We need to nurture a new class of entrepreneurs
SPIEF 2018
Presentation of the Results of the Russian Regional Investment Climate Index
In cooperation with federal structures, we have established balance commissions that allow us to quickly establish relations and reduce the number of procedures required and the number of days spent with federal structures, such as the tax inspection, for example
SPIEF 2018
Smart Environments: A New Level of Urban Development
I would like to propose <…> to launch a project not of not just smart cities but smart territories, territories that are above all people-friendly