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Мори Симоне
Simone Mori
Head of Europe and Euro-Mediterranean Affairs, Enel S.p.A.
SPIEF 2019
Are Global Climate Challenges Restricting or Driving Development?
For example, as we have in several countries where we are present, such as Italy or Spain, you can get to having renewables produce more than 55 or 60% of the electricity in a country, if you have a very massive level of digitalization in your grids. On the other hand, thanks to digitalization, you may also promote the better use of energy on the demand side
Russian Energy Week 2018
The Electric Power Industry: Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
We made the networks more efficient. <...> We have reduced the number of downtime and breakdowns. In Italy, we made a transition from hundreds to <...> a million small substations; the transition was ensured by massive digitalization