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Монж Оксана

Oksana Monge

General Director, Sanofi Russia
SPIEF 2019
Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century: How to Increase the Birth Rate and Restore Children’s Health?
Now that we have breakthrough technologies and innovative medications, we have a well-organized system to assess innovations, but unfortunately, we do not account for the fact that some medications are safe for children. Not all medications are, and in many cases, they cannot use a different grade system. It means we can strip our children of access to cutting-edge innovative and breakthrough therapy
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Healthy Life Expectancy: The Foundation of Social Development
More and more employers are not only paying attention to creating safe working conditions, but also are involved in combatting non-communicable diseases
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
A System of Universal Medicine Provision: Key to Achieving the National Goal
e proposed expanding the assortment of tools available to producers, including direct conversations between producers and the government, wholesale agreements, etc. Our last proposal was focused on a specific situation, where we might register a minimal reference price and are ready to lower the price if access is increased
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Reducing Mortality from Non-Communicable Diseases: Implementing Federal Projects
We need to introduce KPIs, which will tell us about the percentage of diabetes diagnoses, and what percentage of patients who have already been diagnosed are achieving their individual therapy goals,
SPIEF 2018
Providing Medications to the Russian Population
We need to broaden and supplement the special investment contract to make it more attractive to invest specifically in high-tech production