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Молодцов Кирилл
Kirill Molodtsov
Aide to the Chief of Staff, Presidential Executive Office
SPIEF 2019
Digital Subsoil Use
Our abilities to do things have immeasurably grown compared to twenty years ago through digital models and digitalization. <…> These opportunities should be used for the benefit of both the people and the government. The upcoming growth of consumption, the population and the quality of life will have us involve our deposits more through the use of digital technologies
International Arctic Forum 2019
Shipbuilding: Achievements and Innovation
It’s not only all-year-round trans-shipment of loose and liquid cargoes that’s important for us. We are concerned about drilling platforms, about their current shortage. We need to build both drilling platforms and ice-resistant platforms, either near-fault or semi-submersible platforms. This challenge is being transferred to the shipbuilding industry
Russian Energy Week 2018
The Development of Pricing on the International Oil Market: New Benchmarks, Currencies and Settlement Technologies
We sell a total of more than 220 million tonnes of URALS almost exclusively through the pipeline system. There is also railway transport [...] Our supply and the volume of daily and annual production that exists in the Russian Federation is a significant factor that influences the market. The benchmark is nevertheless an indicative figure that should be formed as a certain standard [...] The very concept of a Russian oil benchmark can be defined in smaller volumes and have certain specific qualities
Russian Energy Week 2018
Will the Coal Industry Remain a Driver of Economic Growth in Developing Countries?
Industry related to the creation of other types of fuel [...] also needs to be addressed