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Мишарин Александр
Alexander Misharin
First Vice President, Russian Railways
EEF 2018
Russian Railways cooperate with Japan in three areas: development of cargo shipments by Trans-Siberian Railway; planning direct railway connections between Russia and Japan through Sakhalin; upgrading the Holding’s health clinics. About 30% of Trans-Siberian traffic is traffic to Japan. It has risen by 50% over the past five years
EEF 2018
Russia–Republic of Korea
The volume of trade with Korea is growing, as reflected by container transportation, among other things. Last year, it increased by 30% via the Trans-Siberian Railway […] This year it has grown by another 32%, and we can see that there is more to come. We have concluded agreements with companies such as Samsung Electronics and others. Today, there is increasing demand among Korean companies for transportation via the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Trans-Siberian route itself
EEF 2018
Russia–Republic of Korea
Over the past 3 years, more than RUB 500 billion have been invested in the Trans-Siberian Railway, thus increasing throughput capacity by 60 million tonnes. In the next five years, roughly RUB 2 trillion are to be invested in the railroads of the East
SPIEF 2018
New Platforms for Cooperation between China and Russia: Prospects for Development
The numbers show that we have some results, and one can tell by looking at the transport. The volume of container traffic between our countries was up by 55% last year, and by another 35% this year. We have achieved even better results with the Silk Road project. Last year, the transit cargo flow from China through Russia was up by 80%, and by 32% this year, and we expect it to grow even faster