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Михайлов Сергей

Sergey Mikhailov

General Director, Chairman of the Executive Board, Cherkizovo Group
SPIEF 2019
The President has set a task to increase exports of agricultural products by USD 45 billion. Thirty Russian enterprises have gained access to the Chinese market this year to supply poultry meat. This is something very important and has been long-awaited
SPIEF 2019
“Made in” – Addressing Reputational Risk in Global Food Markets
We have solved the issue of import substitution. Today we can provide for ourselves and produce very high-quality products while we are at it. And yet, nobody knows about it
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Exporting Agricultural Output: The Regional Agenda
[We must] work to reduce the cost of producing meat in Russia in order to increase the competitiveness of our products in Western markets. This should partly be done by increasing cultivation of soy and soybean meal to ensure a fodder base. We need to hasten our transition from importing soy to producing it, particularly as it is currently rather profitable to cultivate it, especially the GM-free varieties which are in demand in destination markets