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Mikhail Men

Mikhail Men

Аuditor, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

Mikhail MenMinister of construction and housing services of Russian FederationNovember 12, 1960 — Born in Sergiev-Possad district of Moscow area. 1978 — 1980 — studied at the Institute of Oil and Gas Industry majoring in Industrial Energy Production.1980 — 1982 — service at the construction divisions of the Far East Navy. Received a license to operate a construction crane and an honorary certificate for achievements in construction. 1983 — 1991 — worked at various culture intuitions in Moscow and Moscow district. Studied in Moscow Culture Institute. 1991 — 1993 — worked in publishing. 1993 — 1995 — deputy of Moscow Oblast Duma from Sergied-Posad. 1995 — 1999 — deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation.1999 — 2002 — vice-governor of Moscow Oblast. Studied at the State Service Academy under the President of Russian Federation, majored in law, graduated cum laude.2002 — 2005 — deputy mayor of Moscow 2005 — 2013 — governor of Ivanovskaya Oblast, confirmed after presentation of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. November 1, 2013 — appointed Minister of Construction and Housing Services. Awarded the Order of Friendship, Order of Honor, Medal for 850th Anniversary of the city of Moscow. Married, has 6 children.