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Nonna Materkova

Nonna Materkova

Founder of the Research Centres "Creative Practices" and "Calvert 22"; Russian representative to the International Advisory Council of the Creative Industries Federation
Born in Russia. Masters in Economics and Finance from St Petersburg University. Awarded Yeltsin and British Council Scholarships. Studied at the London School of Economics.

Headed the Department of Major Investment Projects within the St Petersburg Finance Committee. Worked on the First City of St Petersburg Eurobond Issue and EBRD Financial Creditability Program. Has worked with numerous international financial institutions. Has worked for the last 10 years with the Russian Finance Ministry, Russian Regions and the World Bank Office in Russia on investment and acquisition strategies. She holds a portfolio of investments in real estate, oil and gas, leisure and financial services internationally.

In 2009 launched Calvert22 Foundation, a charity organization promoting contemporary culture, innovative and creative projects from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The foundation runs a space in London, and award-winning online magazine The Calvert Journal, and a number of research projects on the role of creative industries in regional development. Organises workshops and professional acceleration programmes for young entrepreneurs in creative industries.