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Feliks Mashkov

Feliks Mashkov

Founder, Concrete Jungle Architects’ Bureau
Graduated the Far Eastern Federal University in 2012.

Co-founder of the Architectural and Industrial Company Concrete Jungle, which is design and create a comfortable public spaces and urban environment for citizens. They are the authors of such major projects in Vladivostok as the design and construction of the terrace of the Georgian cuisine restaurant "Supra" - collaboration with the Lapteva architectural studio, "Seven hills of Vladivostok", the Zarya Factory and the project of the arrangement of the Highland Park.

With other architectural studios of Vladivostok, Concrete jungle participated in the development of the concept for the reconstruction of the Tsarevich Embankment and the promenade «Tropa Zdorovya».

One of the last major projects is the design and construct the plaza and public space of the MAZDA SOLERS Manufacturing Rus.

Permanent speaker of various forums and events in Vladivostok devoted to the development of the city and the urban environment as a whole.