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Машкевич Александр
Alexander Machkevitch
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eurasian Resources Group S.a.r.l. (ERG)
SPIEF 2019
Open Dialogue ‘Development Pathways for Young Entrepreneurship’
We work in four regions of Kazakhstan, where we selected nine universities and colleges. That is where we strive to completely reformat and create a creative business environment. Five thousand students are in this environment on a daily basis. <...> As soon as you provide people with opportunities and methods to act on, young people’s energy and initiative immediately go full swing. But this should be a government initiative: a private company cannot do that. We should implement this method from kindergarten to universities
SPIEF 2018
Taking Responsibility for the Future: A Long-Term Investment Strategy for Business
We are now working on a large online platform that will help the poorest segments of the population. We’re doing it not only for the company where we work, not only for the cities where we work, but for the poorest people in the countries where we work to make their lives better