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Чекаданова Мария

Maria Chekadanova

Deputy Director General, Shokin Istok Research and Production Company
Maria Chekadanova was born June 28, 1975. Education – higher economic - mathematical, Ph. D, has publications, member of Institute Professional accountants of Russia, member of Institute of Financial Accountants, IFRS specialist, tax-and-duties consultant . 1992-1997 - State Academy of Management named by S. Ordzhonikidze, Institute of Informational Management Systems, faculty of Mathematical methods and research of operations in economy. 1997-2000 - The State University of Management. Postgraduate studies Department of economic Cybernetics (computer science). 2001 - Moscow state University. Institute of professional accountants of Russia. 2004-2009 - University of Bolton. Bolton Business School. 2006-2007 - Taxation University. Works in JSC "R&P Corp "Istok"after Shokin" from April 2015 the Main activities: creation of economic conditions (SEZ) to increase research and production capacity of the company; development and implementation of innovative and investment policy of the company; the formation, development and implementation of the strategic program of the company. Hobbies: AI-Ki-do, cultural studies.