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Максимкина Елена

Elena Maksimkina

Director of the Department of Drug Supply and Regulation of Medical Devices at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
SPIEF 2019
Priority Strategies in the Supply of Drugs
There cannot be just one approach to prices, it must be variable
SPIEF 2019
We created a work group and we promote dialogue between Swedish companies and [Russian, – Ed.] government agencies. This will be a new level of interaction
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
A System of Universal Medicine Provision: Key to Achieving the National Goal
Based on the standard expenditures per capita, we pay out over 120 billion roubles monetarily. In other words, with respect to interbudget transfers and the allocation of subventions to federal subjects, we see somewhere around 45–46 billion roubles spent annually, while 120 billion are paid out directly to patients
SPIEF 2018
Providing Medications to the Russian Population
In the outpatient segment, flaws in the medicine provision system are as follows: only 17% of the population have access to free medicine. <...>This creates specific difficulties. It means neither continued treatment nor receipt by the patient of the required medication over a period of time are guaranteed
SPIEF 2018
Providing Medications to the Russian Population
The money which we want for our healthcare sector will of course not be enough if only the employer pays. We need our healthy population to take shared responsibility for providing medicines to the people who need them