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Макиева Ирина

Irina Makieva

Deputy Chair, State Development Corporation "VEB.RF"
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Training Employees to Implement National Projects
For the first time, we have a team where business meets regional and municipal authorities, directors and deputies <...> In this team of five people, when they first sat down at the table, some did not even speak to each other because they were not friends or like-minded thinkers. The head of a town’s core enterprise, for instance, disagreed with the mayor because he was reducing the enterprise and laying off staff; the regional authorities often fail to understand the municipal authorities, and they may even be competitors as is often the case. And in terms of communication, in the first module no one talked, in the second they began whispering
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Social Entrepreneurship as a Factor Contributing to the Country’s Wellbeing
Now we are actively engaged in promoting social entrepreneurship in single-industry towns. Today we have 319 of them. The main task is to make social entrepreneurship profitable, to teach entrepreneurs how to add economic value to their business
EEF 2018
The Contribution of Female Innovators and Business Leaders to Shaping the Economy of the Future
Men are more risk-taking than women, because we, no offence, nevertheless, have more responsibility for children