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Маэда Тадаси
Tadashi Maeda
Governor of the Board of Directors, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
SPIEF 2019
We are establishing cooperation, but we need to take sanctions into consideration and work carefully
SPIEF 2019
Integration vs. Protectionism: The Role of Development Institutions in the Creation of a Common Economic Space in Greater Eurasia
The main difficulty is, of course, currency. The US dollar dominates, and therefore we use it. However, when sanctions are applied, then we are fundamentally talking about prohibitive measures, and therefore with Russia, we cannot pay in dollars – we pay in roubles. But if the US continues to use national currencies as an instrument of the sanctions regime, then all this will cause very serious damage to the American economy
EEF 2018
In September 2017, we launched a USD 1 billion Russia–Japan Investment Fund. Out of this amount USD 200 million has been allocated to three projects and we have almost completed the fourth investment round in automotive industry start-ups