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Лундмарк Пекка

Pekka Lundmark

President, CEO, Fortum Corporation
SPIEF 2019
Are Global Climate Challenges Restricting or Driving Development?
What we really need is market-based and predictable policy measures that will drive decarbonization and make private businesses allocate enough capital into investments. These policy measures, always, when possible, should cross national borders. Because, obviously, CO2 does not respect national borders and electricity is also a product that flows very fluidly across national borders
SPIEF 2019
Waste management demands a lot of attention, especially if we want it to be a part of closed-cycle economy. <…> Every ton of plastic you recycle crosses out 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is important in terms of environmental protection, and this way you avoid polluting the ocean
SPIEF 2019
The best way to recycle is to design the product that is easy and comfortable to recycle from the get-go
Russian Energy Week 2018
Nuclear Energy – the Basis of Global Partnership and Current Development
I am concerned about climate change, the rapid changes that outpace the most pessimistic scientific forecasts, everyone feels them. <...> Building nuclear power plants is an important part of solving these problems
SPIEF 2018
We promote interaction among companies in pulp and paper, forestry, and energy industries. Every year millions of cubic meters of pulp are produced and every year we process millions of tons of waste. At the same time, we produce energy from this biomass. In the future, large number of such projects will provide for high added value of such materials