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Либеров Александр
Alexander Liberov
President, Siemens in Russia
EEF 2019
Productivity Leaders: Drawing on the Asian and European Experience to Support Regional Growth
Digitalization is currently one of the most important strategic areas. Digitalization is not a goal in and of itself, it is an opportunity to increase an enterprise’s competitiveness both in the local market and internationally. There are many examples of us helping our clients increase their productivity. In automotive construction, we actively work with Kamaz. The last Kamaz freight truck was developed using our Siemens PLM Software, which allowed almost all of the R&D to go digital, helping the company create a new product. <...> Another example: we worked with Russian Railways to create an analytical centre for collecting big data from Lastochka trains, locomotives used by Russian Railways on the country’s railroads. This has essentially allowed for a transition to condition-based maintenance. <...> The same thing is happening in agriculture. With the help of digitalization and weather forecast analysis, you can turn pumps on in time to prevent flooding
Russian Energy Week 2018
Prospects for Partnership between Russia and the EU in Energy and Energy Efficiency
Europe undoubtedly needs Russia, the Russian market is interesting for European companies, European investors. At the same time, Europe as a technology partner is important for Russia, because being busy with all the political disputes, we should not forget the economic factor
Russian Energy Week 2018
Prospects for Partnership between Russia and the EU in Energy and Energy Efficiency
The international technology partnership is crucial. It contributes to the modernisation of the industry. Talking about innovations, today we have presented a new super-power turbine of the HL-class with efficiency up to 65% in the CCP mode to the Russian market. Russian specialists of the company participated in its development. Digital technologies can also increase the efficiency of power facilities: additive manufacturing, the Internet of things and predictive diagnostics
SPIEF 2018
Requirements are similar all around the world: cost reduction, speed increase and quality improvement. Digital economy is an individual process, and cooperation between technology companies and customers on individual basis is very important. We work closely with KAMAZ and we create a project office with it. Digital economy allows us to increase productivity