non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Левит Лев

Lev Levit

Representative of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region for the Development of the Arctic
Born in 1977 in Arkhangelsk.

He graduated from the M.V. Lomonosov Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk, holds two university degrees: Norwegian and English Philology and Legal Science. He studied at Oslo, Tromsø and Bodø, Norway universities. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences. He participated in and coordinated numerous international projects. Speaks Norwegian and English.

He was an advisor to the Arctic Council Secretariat (Tromsø, Norway, 2011–2013), worked at the Arkhangelsk Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2013–2014), Pomor State University (Arkhangelsk, 1999–2008), educational institutes of Norway (2009–2011), international enterprises and organizations in Arkhangelsk.

Since 2014, holds the position of the representative of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region on the Arctic development. He coordinates regional Arctic policy, contributes to the work of government agencies for the development of the Arctic. He is fully engaged in the development and implementation of Arctic projects and events in the Arkhangelsk Region.