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Christian Levy

Christian Levy

Inspector General of the Administration for Sustainable Development, Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition of the French Republic
Christian Levy is appointed by decree August 1, 2013 by the President of the Republic, inspector general of the administration and permanent member of the General Council of the environment and sustainable development.

He has published several reports on the sustainable city.

He is Chairman of the French Commission for Standardization "Sustainable and Intelligent Cities and Territories", particularly in the context of France's action in TC 268 of the International Standard Organization

he is chairman of the French-Russian working group "Construction, housing, services and urban planning" within the framework of the intergovernmental committee of economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and France

He is responsible for China's action, ministries in charge of construction and urban services.

Christian Lévy began his career in 1978 as a council of local authorities. He then joined the Ministry of Equipment, in charge of cooperation with Asia and then joined in 1989 the French Embassy in Beijing as a commercial attaché.

He became director of urban planning of the city of LYON in 1998.

Since 2002, he has been a senior official in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, holding several positions of responsibility.

Christian Lévy is an architect (1978), graduated from the engineering school of bridges and roads (1979) and graduated from the Higher School of Commerce of Paris (1992)