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Ekaterina Letunovskaya

Ekaterina Letunovskaya

Vice President, Habidatum
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Best Practices in Modern Sustainable Cities Development
Today, what defines a city is its space for choice, its space to realize your ideas, and also its space for individual consumer choice. And today, understanding of this choice has become incredibly complicated. We can now use big data to study the status-quo of demand for choice, but if we only make decisions on this basis, it may be at the expense of dynamism and flexibility when it comes to making a final decision. A city is ceasing to be a place where people move en-masse from residential districts to their places of work or a shopping centre. Demand for intermodality is playing an increasingly bigger role. As well as demand for choice, a city today is defined by its population density in one place or another at various times of day. This is frequently a determining factor for the creation of new urban – including commercial – spaces,