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Кувшинников Олег
Oleg Kuvshinnikov
Governor of Vologda Region; Chairman, Healthy Cities, Districts, and Villages Association
SPIEF 2019
The Architecture of Public Health: International Experience and National Priorities
I head a major national network called Healthy Cities of Russia <...> This Russian network is a pilot platform to implement major public health projects and create a public health space. We encompass 92 municipalities uniting 16 million people. <...> We are also launching projects in cities aimed at promoting a healthy long life
RIF 2019
How to Develop Tourism: Changing the Way Investment Decisions in the Sector are Made
Twenty years ago, the idea arose to put Father Frost’s residence [in Veliky Ustyug]. Each year, Veliky Ustyug sees a 20–30% increase in the number of tourists. The number of hotels has increased by 40 times, the number of restaurants has grown by 25 times, and the number of items on display has increased by several dozen times
RIF 2019
Healthy Life Expectancy: The Foundation of Social Development
We have opened active longevity centres in all 26 urban districts [of the Vologda Region] [...] Now, 80,000 veterans go to these centres
RIF 2019
Healthy Life Expectancy: The Foundation of Social Development
Social support measures should be expanded both for veterans and to stimulate fertility
SPIEF 2018
Increasing Russian Life Expectancy by 2030
Health should become a strategy not only for the medical industry, but for all sectors of the economy in our country’s municipalities